Technical Info

Accoya Wood

Brackenwood Conservatories primarily uses` Accoya` wood for the manufacture of our conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors. Briefly, this is specifically grown softwood, called Radiata Pine, that undergoes a process that gives the wood, the same properties as a tropical hardwood but with excellent dimensional stability without twisting or warping.

This is similar to the properties offered by engineered hardwood but with the added advantage of being a truly sustainable timber which the engineered hardwood cannot offer.

We feel that these properties of Accoya wood not only provide the users a benefit, it is also a huge benefit to our planet as well.

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The paint system we use is provided by Teknos UK.A micro-pourus, water based paint, again satisfying the green issues as opposed to the oil and cellulose based paints and stains, it provides a breathable and flexible finish, which allows moisture in the timber to evaporate through the paint film rather than sealing it in as with the oil based paints which then leads to blistering and the failure of the paint coat.

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